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10.12.2016 08:06

Club News

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    Xmas Day and Hogmanay Hoot

    Both of these events at the Club are now fully booked.Please pay deposits as soon as possible as we have waiting lists for both.

    Xmas Menus / Lunches

    Bookings so far have been very encouraging with some busy evenings and lunches already in the Diary.
    Please make arrangements now to avoid disappointment.

    New Coffee Machine

    After many years of service our old coin operated machine has reached the end of it’s working life.Recently we have had a number of major and costly breakdowns and faults to contend with.

    We recognise the importance of providing a first class coffee making service particularly during the winter when the Bar is closed.So we are pleased to inform you that we will be replacing the old machine with a new high quality one in the near future.

    Front Lounge Redecoration

    Such has been the success of the Alma Restaurant that we have started to redecorate the Front Lounge to accommodate Members’ demands for private functions etc.

    We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause in the short term.

    (August 2016)

    As most are aware some changes have taken place in the Club since my first communication to the Members.

    Staff changes have been significant with Nigel and Michelle leaving.

    We were sorry to lose them but we have moved on and Joanne is ably filling the role as bar chargehand.

    Nigel’s role has been split with Ken taking over his administration duties and Jim the promotional role.This is working well .

    To try and encourage more usage of the clubhouse the décor in the lounge has been updated along with renewals in the kitchen and fittings.

    We are trying to create three distinct areas for the Members:-
    - the new Alma Restaurant( official launch on 26/ 27 August , more details will follow)
    - a comfortable lounge
    - and a golf bar.

    These changes are complete other than additions such as new photographs in the golf bar.

    As part of the ongoing upgrades we are hoping to improve the entrance and hallway - the front lounge is also on the list for redecoration .

    New lockers are not off the agenda and proposals will be put to the membership shortly.

    Social events are back in the calendar with Elvis re-entering the building on the 13th August!We are pleased to inform you that other events will follow.

    Finally the success of any club depends on the support of the membership and I am confident that these recent changes will help to bring some vibrancy back to the Club.

    Good golfing and socialising for the rest of the season.



    We hope you'll be able to find all the information you require on our website. However, should you wish to speak to someone in person, please contact us:

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